Emergency Dentist: Know When to Get Immediate Treatment

Sometimes it can be hard to discern whether you need the help of an emergency dentist or should just wait to see a regular practitioner. In some cases, the issue can wait until you make an appointment, while other people need to see someone as soon as possible. Get to know some situations in which you may need to see an emergency dentist.

If your tooth is hurting enough that you cannot sleep at all, it is time to take pain relievers. This may help you sleep so that you can get to your regular dental practitioner the next day. However, sometimes this route is not enough, so if you are in severe enough pain that you cannot sleep, it may be time to find an office that is open 24 hours a day. Be aware, though, that most dentists with such hours charge more for each appointment than those with the typical daytime hours.

Tooth trauma sometimes warrants a visit to the emergency dentist. For example, if you get hit in the mouth, resulting in a chipped or knocked out tooth, you should do all you can to stop the bleeding. You can do so by putting gauze in the mouth. Find the piece that broke off, or the entire tooth, if applicable, and rinse it off. You should then put it in a safe place, and take it with you to the dental practitioner as soon as possible. Since some knocked out teeth can be saved by being reinserted within about an hour of the trauma, a visit to the emergency dentist is usually a good idea. Otherwise, you risk having a gap in your mouth that needs to be filled with a dental implant later on.

If you have had dental surgery recently and are having issues with the affected teeth, it is usually wise to see an emergency dentist. Perhaps your wisdom teeth are impacted, or the pain from a root canal has become unbearable, and no medication is able to stop the issue. It is tempting to try to ignore discomfort or even severe pain, as many people do not want to get treatment for something that turns out to be normal, especially when there are high costs involved. However, sometimes severe discomfort indicates that something is very wrong and needs immediate care.

Before you decide whether to get fast treatment for your tooth problem, you should consider whether any of these situations apply. Of course, these are only the most common problems, and not an exhaustive list. In general, if the discomfort is bad enough where you cannot sleep or concentrate on work, it is time to go in.