Emergency Dentist – When Do You Need to See One?

When you’re feeling dental pain, it can be difficult to think about the best course of action. Should you visit the ER, call an emergency dentist, or simply wait it out and see if the pain goes away with home treatment?

If you’re experiencing a tooth ache with no injury to your tooth, start by cleaning the area that aches thoroughly. You could have a small piece of food, such as an apple peel or popcorn hull, stuck between your tooth and your gum. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and take an over the counter pain reliever. If the pain goes away and you’re feeling comfortable, you may be able to wait it out and call your dentist in the morning. If the pain worsens, you may need to call an emergency dentist.

If you’ve bitten your lip, tongue, or cheek, first try to stop the bleeding at home. If it doesn’t stop within 15 minutes after applying pressure, you may need to go to the emergency room for evaluation.

If you’ve broken or chipped a tooth, rinse the area with warm water and find the tooth if possible. Call an emergency dentist and get in for an evaluation as quickly as possible – he or she may be able to save your tooth.

If you’ve broken your braces, wires, or other orthodontic appliances, you should cover any protruding areas. If the damage isn’t causing any pain, you can wait until regular office hours to make an appointment. However, if you are in pain, then see an emergency dentist immediately.

If you’re afraid that you may have broken your jaw, tie a towel or handkerchief around your mouth and chin to hold them closed. Then go to the emergency room for evaluation. The doctors there can assess the damage and can treat your injury more quickly than a dentist, who might have to refer you to the ER after evaluating you.

If you’ve knocked out a permanent tooth, first find the tooth. Then rinse it and attempt to put it back in your mouth where it belongs, holding it in place with a piece of gauze. If you can’t get the tooth put back in its place, put it in a cup of milk or water. See a dental professional immediately.

When time is of the essence and you’re experiencing dental pain, it’s important that you know if there is an emergency dentist in your area. Do your research, then add the emergency number to your planner or phone so you can find it quickly in a crisis. The dentist may be able to save a tooth, even if the situation doesn’t look promising.