Emergency Dentist – What Qualifies As An Emergency?

An emergency dentist is someone that you need to have a phone number for ahead of time. Dental problems can occur at any time. That is why you need to be aware of what exactly an emergency would be.

There are many instances that would be considered an emergency. Below are some of the most common types of dental emergencies that can happen at any time to anyone.

One: Unexpected, excruciating pain – An emergency would be an unexpected toothache with really severe pain that just won’t let you wait till morning.

This is especially true if this type of tooth problem happens with children. Children have less tolerance for pain then adults. Plus, with adults and especially children, if the problem is a bad one, other health problems can happen from it.

Two: Broken tooth or broken jaw – If you have a broken jaw, the first place you will go is the hospital, but a dentist will have to get involved at some point. This reason this is important is because your teeth could have been damaged.

This is something that is definitely considered an emergency for anyone of any age and should be fixed right away.

Three: Problems with dentures – There are thousands of people that wear dentures these days. If you have a problem with your denture, like it has been fractured, then get to your dentist.

You will need to get your denture fixed right away so you don’t have to go without teeth. It is also smart so that there are no other problems caused by trying to wear a broken denture.

One thing that is important to understand is that you have to be very clear about your dental problem. Thoroughly explain what is causing the pain so the dentist can best determine the right treatment to help you the most.

The dentist will know what to do to help you with the pain so it can be gotten rid of faster. You can be sure they will get it fixed correctly if you don’t explain the problem well.

This is especially important when a child is the one with the problem. You don’t want them to suffer anymore than they have to, so be very clear when describing the problem.

These are just a handful of the times that would require an emergency dentist. If you believe you have an emergency, but are not sure, just call the dentist. Every dentist should have some type of emergency contact number. Find out what it is and don’t be afraid to use it when you need to.

When Do You Need An Emergency Dentist?

Dental problems are extremely common. We never take proper care of our teeth and the end result is nothing but pain. Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night with a terrible toothache. An extremely scary thought is it not? At such an odd hour, you will not find any dentist to relieve you of your pain. Another instance could be a bad accident in which many of your teeth have simply fallen out. Such situations also need immediate attention. According to a recent survey, there has been a 40% rise in the emergency dentistry cases in the last ten years. Under such circumstances, the person you need the most is an emergency dentist. This is because enduring the pain for a long time in order to visit your regular dentist can definitely worsen the case to a great extent. There are quite a lot of benefits of visiting an emergency dentist and some of them have been laid down below.

Emergency dentists attend to you without keeping you waiting. This is important because it enables the crisis to resolve soon enough so that further damage can be prevented. The sooner the problem is looked after, less will be the chances of any later botheration. There are a lot of people who neglect their visits to the dentist and keep them for later. What they fail to understand is this that it could aggravate the situation and cause more pain. It is needless to say, the graver the problem, the more would be your medical bills. In the present times, health care costs us a lot and can even be a major cause for concern as far as your bank account is concerned. On the other hand an emergency dentist, with his expertise and experience, the professional will ensure that you feel better and within a very short span of time. It will be much cheaper and can save you from a lot of physical and financial trouble later.

But choosing a proper emergency dentist is also extremely important. You cannot just walk up to any random person and that is why it is important to check the credentials of the emergency dentist. Unless and until you know for sure that the person holds a proper degree and a valid license, you should not depend on him. Your teeth are an extremely vital part of your body and hence it is totally your responsibility to ensure that you go to the right person.

Emergency Dentist Care

Many people do not realize just how important an emergency dentist is until they find that they need one. A lot of people associate dental professionals as practitioners whom they visit to maintain their teeth. In some cases where immediate action is needed, the urgent kind of oral health care practitioners are sought after.

These kinds of practitioners pass through the same education and training as general dentists. In fact, they can practice general dentistry when necessary and may actually do this when there are no emergency situations to deal with. Most graduates from dental school and their training programs often take on additional studies to specialize in certain dental fields, such as emergency situation and needs.

When to Seek Help

The gauge of when the need for an emergency dentist arises is basically dependent on the individual himself. Toothaches for some can be nagging but tolerable, while for others it can have the effect of a hammer pounding away at the tooth. If the individual can tolerate the ache and the pain, he can wait until a more suitable time until a consultation with his or her oral health care provider. In many cases, the person will take pain relievers to alleviate the pain and put off the visit to the dental professional when the pain subsides.

What he or she may not know is that ignoring the situation can aggravate it. There are grave consequences of not having the oral cavity maintained of checked at least twice a year. Among these consequences are deep decays which may eventually compromise the health of a group of teeth, gum disease, bad breath, serious infections and more expensive treatments, corrections and remedies which could have been avoided.

Many people have an intense fear of dentists and this can actually prevent them from seeing one. This can result to having an unhealthy oral cavity. For those individuals who cannot tolerate the pain and needs to have it dealt with immediately, a visit to an emergency dentist can be most helpful.

Common situations that may lead to the visit are infections or the presence of an abscess. Any number of factors can cause these two possible reasons for discomfort and pain. Among these factors are cracked or damaged teeth, an infected nerve due to decay or gum disease. These are just the more common cause of discomfort, others may also exist which are not brought up here.

What can be done?

An emergency dentist can actually help to alleviate the pain that the individual is experiencing. In many cases, he can prescribe the right kind of medication or drugs to get rid of the infection or the inflammation. He will most certainly recommend another visit after the infection or inflammation has subsided to treat the affected tooth or part of the gums.

There are also cases, where the dentist may need to make an incision or a surgical remedy to ease the inflammation or remove the presence of pus. Some professionals also need to take x-rays of the teeth and the jaws to be able to see any underlying problems which may be the root cause of the pain and discomfort.